Lovely to look at, throws add that pop of colour where needed. Biggest Blanket throws come in standard or large sizes, and in many exclusive colours and patterns. Available in wools, alpaca, cashmere and mixes, all best quality yarn and make. So, whether it be throws for a sofa or a bed to add colour and texture, or simply for creature comfort, it is just so delightful to wrap up in when there’s a chill in the air. Beloved by all humans, including cats and dogs.

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Black cashmere and merino throw

Black is Black

Country Wool Throw

Fabulous Quality great colours lambswool 'tweedy' look weave throw
£185.00 £65.00

'MARA' Wool and Mohair Throw

Shadows in Mohair and Wool

Mohair Throw

Fabulous soft mohair in standard and super large sizes.

Cashmere And Merino 'Seville' Throw

Fabulous burnt orange colour merino and cashmere luxury throw

Cashmere And Merino Texture Weave Throw

Weave interest in single colour throw.
£285.00 £95.00

Cashmere Throw 'Arabesque'

Fabulous intricate woven ' Arabesque ' design in pure cashmere exclusive design and colours

Superfine Merino Twill

Fabulous Soft Twill

Extra Large Cashmere Throw

A really large luxurious cashmere throw for bed or sofa.

Silk And Cashmere Long Throw

'BELGRAVIA' silk and cashmere extra long throw.

Texture Throw

Cashmere and merino wool in a clever texture weave with complimentary weave border and fringe. Natural wool colour ivory. 10% cashmere 90% merino woollen Extra long 200 x 150 cm

'Zebrano' mohair throw

Mohair and wool throw in zig zag pattern.

'Andes' Alpaca Throw

Soft natural alpaca throw.

Cashmere Throw Double Sided

Fabulous, luxurious cashmere double sided throw

Colour Banded Mohair

Chic banded new colour mohair throw

Jermyn Cashmere And Merino Twill Throw

Classic colour to ecru twill with reverse colour stripe on selvedge.

Ribbon Merino Throw

Pure extra fine merino light, soft and exquisite.

Mohair De Venise

Mohair in three colours and two sizes 200 x 130cm and super large 260 x 240cm


Soft feel soft neutral colour in this fabulous wool and mohair throw from The Biggest Blanket Company.

Chelsea Merino Throw

Merino throw in nine fabulous colour ways

'Mandala' Cashmere Throw

Exquisite 'paisley' pattern cashmere.

A master craft of pattern and tones.

Unashamed, luxurious, elegance.

Mohair And Wool 'Margeurite' Throw

The combination of wool weft and mohair weave gives a subtle colour and texture.

Pink Panther Throw

Lambswool Throw
£65.95 £45.95

Cashmere Mix Throw

Superb quality cashmere and merino mix
£89.95 £69.95

'Chinese Yellow and Peacock' Throw

Super merino and cashmere mix throw

Hairline Check Merino Throw

Extra Fine merino throw

Mohair And Wool 'Mia' Check Throw

Interesting check weave of mohair and wool.
£185.00 £75.00

Coral Cashmere Throw

Coral cashmere throw, utterly fabulous.

'Ginger and Coral' Throw

Cashmere and Merino mix throw
£85.95 £55.95

Mohair Throw 'Coral Island'

Fabulous soft mohair in iridescent jewel colours

Extra Fine Merino Throw

Soft extra fine merino in a twill weave. Soft soft wisteria/natural white colour. Truly exquisite quality at a fantastic SALE price

'Firs and Wines' Throws

Super cashmere and merino throw
£85.95 £55.95

'Henry'.... The Throw

Cashmere and Merino mix
£89.95 £69.95

Mohair throw 'Hopper'

Super soft mohair throw.

Mohair Throw 'Bloomsbury'

Soft but vibrant colours in this wonderful mohair throw

'The Ettrick Shepherd' Throw

Lambswool Small Block Check
£65.95 £45.95

Wool And Mohair Throw

'ANTONIA' wool and mohair throw

Merino Herringbone Throw

Merino wool throw, soft, warm, elegant

'The Merry Monarch' Throw

Lambswool throw
£65.95 £35.95

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  • MARA Silver
  • MARA Bronze
  • Taupe and Natural
  • Navy
  • Grey
  • Firs and Wines
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  • Bark and Linen
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  • Flannel Grey
  • Terra and Camel
  • Otter/Greys
  • Check
  • Pink
  • Camel Melange/Fawn
  • Heather
  • Blackcurrant
  • Sage
  • Charcoal/Grey
  • Snow White
  • Black
  • Mouseback and natural
  • Ferrat
  • Mocha and Natural
  • Reds
  • Lavender
  • Bark
  • Mid Grey
  • Sugar Pink
  • Deep Taupe
  • Gertrude Check
  • Blues and Greys
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  • Dove Grey
  • Pale Sun
  • Sea Grey
  • Ecru
  • Venetian Red
  • Indigo Blue