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Our geuine sale is always small, end of lines, end of colour runs that kind of thing so don't be disappointed if you are too late. Sometimes we might only have a couple of any one thing left other times we may be discontinuing a line altogether.

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Print Pyjamas

DISCONTINUED ALL TO CLEAR £20 PAIR Cherubs, shepherds, roses and engraved plants print in 100% pure soft cotton.
€105.75 €23.50

Cashmere Travel Throw

Double knit cashmere throw
€464.12 €182.12

Cashmere Pocket Stole

Its Cashmere, its fun, its top quality, made in Scotland.
€299.62 €111.62

Cotton Trellis Quilt

Hand stitched cotton voile quilt
€276.12 €158.62

Cashmere And Merino Texture Weave Throw

Weave interest in single colour throw.
€334.88 €111.62

Merino And Cashmere Plane Sailing

Cashmere and merino throw
€252.62 €76.38

Geometric Throw

'Gdansk' wool mix throw in orange and natural geometric pattern
€158.62 €52.88

Manhattan Throw

Superb new throw from The Biggest Blanket Company. Double grey wool patterned centre with jewel colour mohair ends. Love to be daring.
€217.38 €76.38

Cotton Satin Quilt

Top quilt in cotton satin twill
€323.12 €205.62

Mosquito Net

Arabian Nights Mosquito Net
€193.88 €76.38

Cashmere and Merino Throw

€146.88 €93.94

Fine Wool Covered Quilt

Fine wool covered quilt with hand quilting.
€346.62 €170.38

Superior Cashmere Throw

Woven in Scotland from finest cashmere yarn.
€646.25 €293.75

Banded Cashmere and Lambswool Throw

Super heavy double weight
€146.88 €88.12

Stafford Wool And Mohair Throw

New ' Stafford ' Throw
€240.88 €170.38

Mohair Colour Block

If colour is your thing look no further.
€311.38 €158.62

Cashmere hat with fur pom pom

Pure cashmere beanie with real fur pom pom.
€141.00 €41.12

Cashmere Slippers

Cashmere slippers pure luxury for feet. Fabulously soft, comfortable and warm in natural white or camel
€105.75 €23.50

Mohair Stole

ONLY A FEW LEFT SO £35 EACH This super quality mohair is as soft as they come...
€141.00 €41.12

Classic mink colour

Lambswool and angora wool classic throw ONLY 1 LEFT
€264.38 €111.62

Gertrude Wool Throw

Fabulous Quality lambswool tweedy look weave
€217.38 €88.12

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  • Pale Blue Grey
  • Almond
  • Natural and Otter
  • Silver frost and grey
  • White
  • Dwight
  • Blue Cherub
  • Saybrook
  • Stiles
  • Ebony
  • Silver Grey
  • Red Cherubs
  • Rich Cream
  • Cashmere Grey
  • Blues
  • Grey with Cobalt
  • Grey with Coral
  • Kashmir Natural
  • Camel
  • Gertrude Check
  • Garnet
  • Cashmere Otter
  • Softest Pink
  • Cerise
  • Dark Green
  • Porcupine
  • Duck Egg Melaine
  • Mocha
  • Otter/Greys
  • Grey with Magenta
  • Durbar Turq
  • Roses pink trim
  • Grey Cherubs
  • Vanilla
  • Manon ivory/blue
  • Grey Melaine
  • Manon Beige/Blue
  • Manon Greys
  • Sevigne beige/grey
  • Sevigne beige/blue
  • Manon Red/Pink
  • Pagoda Garden
  • Red Melaine
  • Rosie Blue
  • Rosie Taupe
  • Taupe Cherub