Mohair in three colours and two sizes 200 x 130cm and super large 260 x 240cm
  • Doge Red
    Doge Red
  • Pale Sun
    Pale Sun
  • Sea Grey
    Sea Grey

Inspired by the colours of Venice, its architecture and colours.

Same waterwave mohair in same two sizes as waterwave mohair throw but with thick chunky fringed ends.

Think Venetian Renaissance painted and gilded wooden figures.

Venetian red, think darkest wine blood so dark it needs that chandelier to pick out its depth.

Venetian sea grey, grey of the darkest sky with merest reflection of that dark choppy sea outside St Marks.

Venetian winter sun , the palest creamy lemon like that low cool sun on a cold day.

All exclusive to the Biggest Blanket Company.

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