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All our blankets are made with natural fibres, lambswool, merino wool, alpaca and cashmere and a mix of those yarns. Natural fibres give warmth, without trapping heat and moisture, they breathe, so keeping the body comfortably warm in any weather without becoming hot and uncomfortable. The sensuous appeal of natural fibres to the touch and to the eye makes blankets a superb choice on every level and aspect. Natural and sympathetic colours enhance the feel of comfort and ‘hygge’ we all love, the bedroom should be a place of sanctuary and relaxation, a private space. It is important to feel comfortable and comforted which is what a good blanket is all about and all of our blankets are very good in quality and finish. Quality is our by word.

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Cashmere And Merino Blanket

Superb quality merino and cashmere with a pure silk satin trim

Merino Wool Blankets

Soft luxurious and warm for your comfort and pleasure.

Cashmere Bed Blanket

Utterly fabulous cashmere bed blanket, in two natural colour ways, just simple unashamed luxury.

Cashmere Blankets With Silk Edge

Fabulous luxurious cashmere blankets with pure silk satin edge.

Super De Luxe Merino Blankets

The ultimate luxury for your comfort, superior quality merino wool just a bit heavier and thicker than standard.

Cellular Wool Blankets

Cellular wool blankets traditional style.

Wool Blanket

Traditional pure wool blankets in 5 great colour ways.

Merino Lambswool Twill Bound Edges

Merino lambswool blanket with twill bound edge.

Superior Merino Silk Bound Blanket

Luxury super soft merino blanket with matching ivory pure silk edge finish.

Double Face Merino Blanket

Double face merino wool blanket with bound edge.

Merino wool blanket

Merino wool blanket 'buttermilk'

Merino Wool with Pure Silk Satin Trim

Soft soft merino in grey colour with white pure silk satin trim. 2 Sizes single 180x230cm and double 230x255cm

Merino Pure Silk Bound Blanket

Merino blanket with pure silk satin bound edge.

Single size sheets and duvet covers

Pure cotton Percale in finest quality cotton yarn made in France Single size only as END OF LINE SALE PRICE
£120.00 £45.00

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  • Café Latte
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  • Natural Fawn
  • White and Honey
  • Soft Camel
  • Airforce Blue
  • Latte
  • Coffee
  • Natural Ivory
  • Cream
  • Natural White
  • Light Blue
  • Grey and Airforce
  • Wool White
  • Cerise Red
  • Pearl and Grey
  • Light Fawn
  • Cherry
  • Sugar Pink
  • Pearl
  • Cappuccino