Enjoy the luxury of the interior environment you have created with simple comfortable accessories. Easy wearing for lounging or simply being, all in pure natural fibres. Wraps, stoles and accessories in the best quality cashmere to add that warm feeling of pleasure and relaxation.

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Mohair Stole

ONLY A FEW GREEN LEFT SO £35 EACH This super quality mohair is as soft as they come...
£120.00 £35.00

Cashmere Slippers

Cashmere slippers pure luxury for feet. Fabulously soft, comfortable and warm in natural white or camel
£90.00 £20.00

Cashmere Pocket Stole

Its Cashmere, its fun, its top quality, made in Scotland.
£255.00 £95.00

Cashmere Stole Or Large Scarf

Exquisite cashmere stole, or large scarf, superb Scottish cashmere.
£385.00 £185.00

Mosquito Net

Arabian Nights Mosquito Net
£165.00 £65.00

Cashmere Travel Throw

Double knit cashmere throw
£395.00 £155.00

Cashmere hat with fur pom pom

Pure cashmere beanie with real fur pom pom.
£120.00 £35.00

Print Pyjamas

DISCONTINUED ALL TO CLEAR £20 PAIR Cherubs, shepherds, roses and engraved plants print in 100% pure soft cotton.
£90.00 £20.00

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  • Natural and Otter
  • Silver frost and grey
  • Wisteria
  • White
  • Blue Cherub
  • Red Cherubs
  • Jet Black
  • Ebony
  • Camel
  • Dark Green
  • Cerise
  • Duck Egg Melaine
  • Porcupine
  • Light Fawn
  • Durbar Turq
  • Grey Cherubs
  • Manon ivory/blue
  • Grey Melaine
  • Sevigne beige/grey
  • Manon Red/Pink
  • Pagoda Garden
  • Red Melaine
  • Rosie Blue
  • Rosie Taupe
  • Taupe Cherub