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The Biggest Blanket Company merges practicality with luxury in their ongoing designs.

The new ‘Big Country Blue’ is an exciting new colour developed and produced solely by The Biggest Blanket Company to connect to that outdoors mountain man feel that is so popular just now. Made in UK in pure lambswool.

Beutiful Blue Blanket

The Biggest Blanket Company, an industry leader in bringing the best blankets UK has to offer, has unveiled its latest collection of blankets, throws, quilts, bedspreads, and accessories that take comfort a step further.

“After a tiring day, crawling into a bed that’s outfitted with beautiful sheets and a cozy blanket is one of life’s greatest pleasures. That’s where The Biggest Blanket Company comes into the picture,” a representative said in a statement.

Compared to its competitors, The Biggest Blanket Company has made a name in the global scene for offering extra-large sizes not found anywhere else. In addition, it features a lot of standard sizes for beds and sofas, generally adding colour and interest to the room. 

All the blankets are made with natural fibres, merino wool, lambswool, alpaca and cashmere and a mix of those yarns. Natural fibres give warmth without trapping heat and moisture; they breathe, keeping the body comfortably warm in any weather without becoming hot and uncomfortable.

The company offers the best wool blankets made of lambswool, a multi-purpose natural fibre that is a favourite among spinners and knitters. The wool blankets feature great traditional colours with matching wool whipped edges, tried and tested for many years and still going strong.

Wonderful Elegant Throws

The Biggest Blanket Company also leads the charge in offering the best throws UK has, ones that add a pop of colour where needed. The Blanket throws come in standard or large sizes and in many exclusive colours and patterns. The blue throws are among the best-selling in recent months. The products are available in wools, alpaca, cashmere and mixes, all best quality yarn and make.

The wool throws, for instance, are traditional lambswool or lambswool mixed with other yarns in standard sizes and in many patterns and colourways. Homeowners can use them everywhere where warmth and comfort are desired – whether in bed, sofa, or anywhere.

Those who want to check out The Biggest Blanket Company’s entire list of products may visit the website for more information.

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